Table 2

Work environment and relationship changes during the pandemic

Frontline area (n=7846)
 Primary care or community practitioner125015.9
 Medical specialty areas*120515.4
 Emergency department114614.6
 Anaesthetics, perioperative care or surgical areas82410.5
 Intensive care unit7459.5
 General medicine6448.2
 Hospital aged care5366.8
 Respiratory medicine3364.3
 Palliative care2923.7
 Infectious diseases1712.2
 Hospital pharmacy420.5
 Worked in multiple or other areas†4645.9
Location of practice (n=7846)
Currently working with people infected with COVID-19 (n=7846)
 Number of patients infected with COVID-19 cared for, mean (SD)1.4 (0.43)
Anticipating working with people infected with COVID-19 (n=4775)
Received training on PPE during the pandemic (n=7846)
Being worried that their roles will lead to them transmitting COVID-19 to family (n=5954)
 Not worried72912.2
 Worried or very worried455176.4
Being worried about being blamed by colleagues if they contract COVID-19 (n=7846)
 Not worried162220.7
Experiencing close friends/relatives infected with COVID-19 in Australia or overseas (n=7846)
Impact of COVID-19 on relationships (n=7846)
Closer or stronger relationship with
 Work colleagues253332.3
Worse relationship with
 Work colleagues111614.2
No effect on relationships185223.6
Change in household income due to COVID-19 (n=7846)
 No change461158.8
Concerns or worries about household income since COVID-19 (n=7846)
  • *Medical specialty areas included all medical specialties other than hospital aged care, general medicine, respiratory medicine, palliative care and infectious diseases. The latter were reported separately due to their potentially increased risk of exposure to COVID-19.

  • †This group included (but was not limited to) people working in leadership roles, clerical roles, support roles, food preparation, facilities maintenance, screening clinics and clinical scientists.

  • COVID-19, coronavirus disease 2019; PPE, personal protective equipment.