Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics of the study participants

CharacteristicNPercent (%)
Sex (n=491)
Age groups (n=397)
 41 and above15138.1
Marital status (n=473)
 Separated and widowed204.3
Education (n=491)
 Higher education20742.2
Years served in police force (n=473)
 15 and above22447.4
Last year of promotion (n=479)
 <5 years34471.8
 5–10 years9720.3
 >10 years387.9
Rank at work (n=494)
 Gazette officer224.5
 Rank and file‡41283.4
Police sections (n=489)
 General duty13026.6
 Specialised sections§35973.4
Years served in police section (n=474)
 1 year and below459.5
 More than a year11424
 More than 5 years31566.5
Operational activities (n=478)
Perceived social support (n=426)
Police regions (n=497)
 Police band448.9
 Main store387.6
  • *Gazette officers (inspector general of police, commissioner of police (CP), deputy CP, senior assistant CP, assistant CP, senior superintendent of police)

  • †Inspectors (superintendent of police (SP), assistant SP)

  • ‡Rank and files (Regimental sergeant majors/sergeant majors, station sergeant, sergeant, corporal police and police constable)

  • §Specialised sections (FFU, information and communication technology, medical unit, criminal investigation department, main police depot, traffic department, police band, police colleges, dogs and horse section, mechanical department, anti-drugs unit, construction and building department)

  • FFU, field force unit.