Table 3

Logistic regression analysis of EDs consumption versus non-EDs consumption

ItemsβSEOR95% CIP value
Male0.480.081.611.38 to 1.88<0.001
Age− to 0.970.003
Correctly identify0.350.041.421.32 to 1.53<0.001
Whether there are adverse effects? (Yes)− to 0.940.010
Students attitude (negative)<0.001
 Neutral1.800.096.025.07 to 7.14<0.001
 Positive3.170.2423.8114.81 to 38.25<0.001
Parental attitude (negative)<0.001
 Neutral0.320.091.381.14 to 1.660.001
 Positive1.390.124.013.19 to 5.04<0.001
ASLEC0.0040.0021.0041.00 to 1.010.047
  • ASLEC, Adolescent Self-rating Life Events Checklist; EDs, energy drinks.