Table 1

Characteristics of included studies

Study numberAuthorTime of investigationAge (years)Sex (M/F)Location of investigation (province)QuestionnairesSample size
Mean (SD)
1Lai et al2629 January–3 FebruaryNA293/964ChinaPHQ-9, GAD-7, ISI and IES-R1257
2Liu et al231–18 February29.0 (5.9)19/1078Beijing, ChinaPHQ-9, GAD-7 and ISI1097
3Duan et al2114–16 February32.8 (6.4)136/506Tianjin, ChinaGAD-7 and PHQ-9642
4Qi et al34NA, submitted on 5 FebruaryNA105/295Henan, ChinaSAS and SDS400
5Huang et al447–14 February32.6 (6.2)43/187Anhui, ChinaSAS and PTSD-SS230
6Zhang et al4129 January–6 FebruaryNA56/168Hubei, ChinaSAS and SDS224
7Zeng et al43NA, submitted on 20 FebruaryNANAHunan, ChinaSAS and CPSS152
8Wu et al39NA, submitted on 2 February30.8 (4.5)21/85Sichuan, ChinaSAS and PSQI106
9Huang and Ke40NA, submitted on 10 February38.3 (11.9)18/32Guangdong, ChinaSAS50
10Wang et al3030 January–7 February33.8 (8.4)12/111Hubei, ChinaPSQI, SAS and SDS123
11Lu et al2825–26 FebruaryNA451/1591Fujian, ChinaHAMD and HAMA2042
12Cao et al20NA, submitted on 26 February32.8 (9.6)NABeijing, ChinaPHQ-9 and MBI37
13Chen et al2410–20 February32.6 (6.5)NAGuizhou, ChinaSDS and SAS105
14Du et al2513–17 February36.0 (8.1)NAHubei, ChinaBDI-II, BAI and PSS134
15Li et al278–15 FebruaryNA0/4369Shanghai, ChinaPHQ-9, GAD-7 and IES-R4369
16Ni et al2916–24 FebruaryNANAHubei, ChinaGAD-2 and PHQ-2214
17Zhang et al3129 January–3 FebruaryNA1293/270ChinaISI, PHQ-9, GAD-7 and IES-R1563
18Zhang et al1019 February–6 MarchNA249/678ChinaISI, GAD-2 and PHQ-2927
19Huang and Zhao323–17 FebruaryNANAChinaGAD-7, CES-D and PSQI2250
20Chen et al33NA, submitted on 22 FebruaryNANASichuan, ChinaSAS173
21Chen et al353–16 FebruaryNA315/396Zhejiang, ChinaPHQ-9 and GAD-7711
22Wei et al2210–20 FebruaryNA873/1277Shanghai, ChinaPHQ-9, GAD-7 and PSQI2150
23Xu et al427–15 February34.8 (7.1)69/291Anhui, ChinaSAS and SDS360
24Ye et al3729 January–5 FebruaryNA460/1644Sichuan, ChinaGAD-72104
25Zhen et al3818–21 FebruaryNA95/278Zhejiang, ChinaPSS-10 and PHQ-9373
26Li et al368–11 FebruaryNA30/175Hubei, ChinaPCL-C205
  • BAI, Beck Anxiety Inventory; BDI-II, Beck Depression Inventory-II; CES-D, Centre for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale; CPSS, Chinese Perceived Stress Scale; GAD-2, Generalised Anxiety Disorder-2; GAD-7, Generalised Anxiety Disorder-7; HAMA, Hamilton Anxiety Scale; HAMD, Hamilton Depression Scale; IES-R, Impact of Events Scale—Revised; ISI, Insomnia Severity Index; MBI, Maslach Burn-out Inventory; NA, not applicable; PCL-C, PTSD Checklist—Civilian Version; PHQ-2, Patient Health Questionaire-2; PHQ-9, Patient Health Questionaire-9; PSQI, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index; PSS, Perceived Stress Scale; PTSD-SS, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Self Rating Scale; SAS, Self-rating Anxiety Scale; SDS, Self-rating Depression Scale; SQR-20, Self-reporting Questionnaires 20.