Table 1

Articles that include cases report of DWS with comorbidity with psychiatry symptoms

StudyPatient’s sex and age (years)Dandy-Walker subtypePsychotic symptomsOther psychiatric comorbiditiesAge of onset of psychosisLast antipsychotic medication usedOutcome
Kvitvik Aune et al3Male, 22Dandy-Walker variantAuditory and visual hallucinations, persecutory delusions,
blunted affect
Borderline intelligence (IQ=79)12Risperidone 2 mg/24 hoursRemission of positive symptoms, negative symptoms remained
Blaettner et al4Male, 19Dandy-Walker variantPersecutory delusions, delusions of referenceOCD17Ziprasidone 120 mg/24 hoursPartial remission
Buonaguro et al5Female, 29DWSPersecutory delusions,
blunted affect,
agitation episodes
20Haloperidol 4 mg/24 hoursNo response to treatment
Ferentinos et al6Female, 21Mega cisterna magnaAuditory hallucinations, persecutory delusionsIntellectual disability18Amisulpiride 1200 mg/24 hours57% decrease in PANSS score (after treatment resistance with previous antipsychotics)
Gan et al7Female, 15Dandy-Walker malformationAuditory hallucinations, delusions of persecution and control, abuliaIntellectual disability11Risperidone 4 mg/24 hours39–76 decrease in the Scale for the Assessment of Positive Symptoms score,
negative symptoms remained
Gan et al7Male, 13Dandy-Walker variantDelusions of reference and persecution, blunted affectObsessive worries and school phobia13Quetiapine 400 mg/24 hours50% reduction in BPRS (from 43 to 25) but recurrence because of discontinuation of the treatment
Gan et al7Male, 45Mega cisterna magnaAuditory hallucinations, delusions of persecution and jealousyBorderline intelligence and memory impairment32Risperidone 7 mg/24 hours34–56 decrease in BPRS, 4–6 decrease in the Clinical Global Impression of Severity scale core
Gan et al7Male, 20Posterior fossa arachnoid cystDelusions, stereotyped thinkingBorderline intelligence (IQ=69), hypomanic episode20Olanzapine 20 mg/24 hoursFull remission
Kumar et al8Female, 37Mega cisterna magnaAuditory and visual hallucinations, Catatonia.31Risperidone 4 mg/24 hoursPartial remission
Langarica nd Peralta9Female, 52Mega cisterna magnaPersecutory and reference delusions52Olanzapine 7.5 mg/24/hoursSignificant clinical improvement
Mauritz et al10Female, 47Dandy-Walker malformationPTSD47Quetiapine 600mg – 1000mg/24 hoursFull remission
Pandurangi et al11Male, 26Megacisterna magnaDelusions of grandiosityMania26Risperidone 4 mg/24 hoursSignificant clinical improvement,
delirious and urinary incontinence as secondary effects
Pandurangi et al11Male, 20Megacisterna magnaCatatonia18Risperidone 3 mg/24 hoursDiscontinuation of treatment due to acute dystonia
Papazisis et al12Male, 20Dandy-Walker variantDelusionsOCD20No response to treatment
Ryan et al13Female, 14Dandy-Walker variantAuditory hallucinations, paranoid delusions14Risperidone 2.25 mg/24 hoursFull remission
Sidana et al14Male, 20Dandy-Walker variantAuditory hallucinations,
social withdrawal.
20Aripiprazol 2.5 mg/24 hoursSignificant clinical improvement,
increase sensitivity to extrapyramidal side effects
Turner et al15Female, 18Dandy-Walker variantAuditory hallucinations, paranoid delusions,
conceptual disorganisation
18No medicationSignificant clinical improvement
Williams et al16Female, 20Dandy-Walker variantAuditory hallucinations, delusions of reference and telepathy,
bizarre behaviour
Depression and anxiety20Paliperidone palmitate 150 mg/28 daysSignificant clinical improvement (after treatment resistance with previous antipsychotics)
Bozkurt Zincir et al17Female, 30Dandy-Walker variantAuditory and visual hallucinations,
delusions of reference, persecution and control
Borderline intelligence (IQ=75)28Risperidone 50 mg/14 days35% decrease in PANSS score (from
144 to 90)
  • BPRS, Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale; DWS, Dandy-Walker syndrome; OCD, obsessive–compulsive disorder; PANSS, Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale; PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.