Table 1

Participant characteristics, COVID-19-related aspects, relationships and psychological distress

DemographicsChina (n=1134)*
Age, years30.996.82
Sex, female60753.5
In relationship89378.7
Rest of China92081.1
Hubei region (excluding Wuhan)867.6
Wuhan versus rest of China12811.3
In quarantine versus not in quarantine14212.5
Perceived general health3.950.73
Relationship quality (for those in a relationship)4.051.12
Partner – change since COVID-19 (for those in a relationship)3.621.07
Friendship – change since COVID-192.931.03
Local community – change since COVID-192.751.05
Chinese in China – change since COVID-192.921.16
International relationship (Chinese outside China change) – change since COVID-192.451.14
Psychological distress
K6 ≥1321719.1
  • K6, Kessler distress scale.