Table 3

HADS test–retest reliability and scale variance analysis (n=200)

Scale mean if items deletedScale variance if item deletedCorrected item, total correlationCronbach's alpha if item deleted
A: I feel tense or 'wound up'.16.7145.960.590.83
D: I still enjoy the things I used to enjoy.17.0649.660.390.84
A: I get a sort of frightened feeling as if something awful is about to happen.16.6945.250.620.82
D: I can laugh and see the funny side of things.16.7046.910.560.83
A: Worrying thoughts go through my mind.16.9947.100.570.83
D: I feel cheerful.17.2946.640.600.82
A: I can sit at ease and feel relaxed.16.7947.940.530.83
D: I feel as if I am slowed down.16.8450.400.330.84
A: I get a sort of frightened feeling, like 'butterflies' in the stomach.16.8349.640.460.83
D: I have lost interest in my appearance.17.2050.810.280.84
A: I feel restless as I have to be on the move.16.8848.460.490.83
D: I look forward with enjoyment to things.17.0647.950.500.83
A: I get sudden feelings of panic.16.7746.910.690.82
D: I can enjoy a good book or radio or TV programme.16.6352.330.150.85
  • A, anxiety; D, depression.