Table 4

Correlations between anxiety and depression subscales and total Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (n=200)

ItemAnxiety subscaleDepression subscaleFull scale
A1 (tense)0.77*0.430.67*
A2 (frightened)0.74*0.530.49*
A3 (worrying thought)0.73*0.420.70*
A4 (feel relaxed)0.63*0.480.64*
A5 (‘butterflies’ in the stomach)0.56*0.420.65*
A6 (restless)0.65*0.380.68*
A7 (panic attack)0.75*0.600.62*
D1 (enjoy the things I used to)0.340.58*0.44*
D2 (laugh and see the funny side)0.500.70*0.54*
D3 (cheerful)0.580.67*0.30*
D4 (slowed down)0.330.48*0.58*
D5 (lost interest in appearance)0.240.50*0.59*
D6 (look forward with enjoyment)0.490.60*0.75*
D7 (enjoy a good book, radio or TV)0.140.39*0.27*
  • *:All correlations are significant at the 0.001 level.