Table 4

Independent sociodemographic and clinical correlates of nicotine dependence in patients with schizophrenia with current smoking (by multiple linear regression analysis)

B t P values
Male2.652.55 0.012
Employed−1.21−2.38 0.018
Low monthly income (<RMB 3000)1.511.200.231
No health insurance−0.69−1.290.198
Current alcohol use−0.12−0.230.815
Major medical condition(s)1.002.09 0.038
Family history of psychiatric disorders1.192.24 0.026
First episode1.121.99 0.049
On FGAs0.130.230.812
On SGAs0.571.160.245
Any type of insomnia0.180.830.407
Age (years)0.010.320.749
Education (years)−0.08−0.990.323
Age of onset (years)−0.01−0.380.704
Number of hospitalisations−0.08−1.260.209
BPRS positive−0.21−2.32 0.022
BPRS negative0.141.670.097
BPRS anxiety−0.03−0.230.813
  • Bold values are p<0.05.

  • BPRS, Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale; CPZeq, chlorpromazine equivalent milligrams; FGA, first-generation antipsychotics; MADRS, Montgomery-Åsberg Depression Rating Scale; SAS, Simpson-Angus Scale; SGAs, second-generation antipsychotics.