Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics

CharacteristicsMean (SD)
ANHCTestP value
Age (years)18.92 (3.88)20.08 (2.41)t=−1.750.083
Age of onset16.63 (3.55)
BMI15.19 (2.10)19.87 (2.64)t=−10.49<0.001
BDI-II total score21.22 (16.69)6.15 (11.68)t′=5.88<0.001
BAI total score16.75 (15.97)3.21 (5.19)t′=6.78<0.001
EDE-Q 6.0 total score (baseline)2.46 (1.60)0.77 (0.66)t′= 8.07<0.001
Restraint2.28 (1.92)0.72 (1.07)t′=5.69<0.001
Eating concern2.43 (1.81)0.27 (0.33)t′=10.30<0.001
Shape concern2.73 (1.74)1.14 (0.85)t′=6.71<0.001
Weight concern2.38 (1.74)0.96 (0.88)t′=5.94<0.001
Overeating8.06 (15.90)0.97 (1.36)t′=3.91<0.001
Loss of control8.45 (14.49)0.11 (0.39)t′=5.08<0.001
Binge eating6.94 (10.84)0.16 (0.59)t′=5.51<0.001
Purge behaviours11.64 (19.60)0.47 (1.56)t′=5.00<0.001
  • For continuous variable comparisons, t denotes homogeneity variance was achieved, while t' denotes homogeneity variance was not achieved.

  • AN, anorexia nervosa; BAI, Beck Anxiety Inventory; BDI-II, Beck Depression Inventory; BMI, body mass index; EDE-Q 6.0, Questionnaire Version of the Eating Disorders Examination (version 6.0); HC, healthy control.