Table 1

Composition and responsibility of the working groups

Working groupsCompositionDuties and responsibilities
Executive experts1-2 executive clinical experts and 1-2 executive experts on guideline methodology
  1. The executive clinical experts are the overall directors of the guidelines and are responsible for their content.

  2. The executive experts on guideline methodology are responsible for the top-level design, quality control of the entire process and the methodology of the guidelines.

  3. The executive experts will manage conflicts of interest for members of the working groups.

Steering committee10–20 experts, including senior clinical experts, guideline methodology experts and other personnel
  1. Set up the working groups.

  2. Approve the development of the guidelines' protocol.

  3. Guide and identify the applicable population, topics and scope of the guidelines.

  4. Guide and supervise the methodology and procedures for the development of the guidelines.

  5. Guide and supervise the evidence search, evaluate and form evidence summaries.

  6. Review and revise the full text of the guidelines and external review opinions.

  7. Approve the publication of guidelines.

Secretary group3-5 members, including clinicians and guideline methodology experts
  1. Draft the guidelines' protocol and complete the guidelines' registration.

  2. Investigate and survey the clinical problems.

  3. Organise meetings during the development of guidelines.

  4. Coordinate the external review of the guidelines.

  5. Document the entire process of guideline development.

  6. Coordinate all other related issues.

  7. Draft the guidelines' manuscript.

  8. Submit the guidelines.

Evidence evaluation group5–10 people with experience in evidence-based medicine and evidence review
  1. Complete the evidence search, selection and classification.

  2. Draft a summary of the evidence and create a decision table based on the recommendations.

  3. Assist the secretary group during the development of guidelines.

Consensus group10–30 multidisciplinary experts, including clinicians, psychotherapists, nurses and economists
  1. Vote to reach a consensus on the recommendations.

  2. Evaluate the comprehensibility of the recommendations.

  3. Finalise the full text of the guidelines.

External review group3-5 peer experts who did not directly participate in the development of these guidelines
  1. Review the final guidelines to ensure their scientific rigor, clarity and fairness.

  2. Report revised opinions and suggestions to the secretary group.