Table 3

Regression analysis of SF-MPQ-2-CN score (total score and subscores) with BDI-II and demographic characteristics

Dependent variablesIndependent variablesBSEBeta(Β)tP valueR2
SF-MPQ-2-CN total scoreBDI-II0.8490.2120.3974.009<0.0010.288
Marital status*−14.8584.992−0.297−2.9760.004
Education years†−11.9815.149−0.240−2.3270.023
Neuropathic painBDI-II0.1720.0590.3002.8890.0050.218
Marital status*−4.1661.399−0.312−2.9770.004
Education years†−3.1431.443−0.235−2.1780.032
Affective descriptorsBDI-II0.5020.0760.5946.600<0.0010.353
  • The significant level at p<0.05.

  • *Marital status: 1, single; 2, married.

  • †Education years: 1, ≤12 years; 2, >12 years.

  • B, unstandardised coefficient; BDI-II, Beck Depression Inventory-II; Beta, standardised coefficient; R2, R square; SF-MPQ-2-CN, Short-Form McGill Pain Questionnaire-2-Chinese version.