Table 2

Separate cross-sectional logistic regression models relating the novel lifestyle score to mental health outcomes in UK HCPs at baseline and follow-up

Adjusted OR95% CIP value
Lifestyle score at baselineMDD (N=613)0.600.51 to 0.70< 0.001
GAD (N=613)0.740.62 to 0.87< 0.001
Low mental well-being (N=613)0.640.53 to 0.77< 0.001
Lifestyle score at follow-upMDD (N=613)0.760.66 to 0.87< 0.001
GAD (N=613)0.830.71 to 0.970.017
Low mental well-being (N=613)0.690.58 to 0.83< 0.001
  • Each model adjusted for age, gender identity, education, relationship status, number of people living in the household, pre-existing mental health condition and pre-existing physical health condition.

  • CI, confidence interval; GAD, generalized anxiety disorder; HCP, healthcare professional; MDD, major depressive disorder; OR, odds ratio.