Table 1

Descriptive characteristics of variables in the study (n=476)

Variablesn%MeanSDRangeCorrelation with PTSD†
 At T122.410.518–25
 At T225.39.320–27
 At abduction14.14.20.7–19
Duration in captivity3.13.00.5–170.29***
Marital status0.18**
 Married to fellow abductees8718.3
History of sexual abuse16835.30.44***
Injury while in captivity19340.50.37***
Postwar chronic illness10121.20.29***
IES-R subscales and total score
 IES-R total score54.66.90–88
 Scores ≤3329762.3
 Scores >3317937.6
 Scores >3510321.6
Psychosocial correlates
 Postwar hardships12.54.90–240.47***
 Community relations8.23.90–18−0.24***
 Family acceptance4.91.60–12−0.27***
 General functioning14.89.70–44−0.26***
 Prosocial behaviours10.42.20–15−0.28***
  • Pearson correlations with PTSD symptoms: **p<0.01; ***p<0.001. PTSD indicated by Impact of Event scores: ≤33=no PTSD; >33=probable PTSD; >35=likely PTSD.

  • †PTSD symptoms indicated by IES-R total score.

  • IES-R, Impact of Event Scale-Revised; n, subpopulation; PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.