Table 1

The association between anxiety and depressive disorder prevalence and the Human Development Index (HDI) and its components

VariablesAnxiety prevalenceDepression prevalence
β*CIP valueβ*CIP value
Life expectancy at birth0.820.60 to 1.03<0.0010.460.31 to 0.62<0.001
Mean years of education1.520.97 to 2.06<0.0011.320.96 to 1.68<0.001
Gross national income0.00010.00008 to 0.0003<0.0010.00010.00004 to 0.000170.002
HDI37.4626.79 to 48.14<0.00125.7918.37 to 33.23<0.001
  • p<0.05=statistical significance.

  • *β coefficient=the degree of decrease or increase in anxiety and depressive disorder prevalence for every 1 unit increase in the HDI level.