Table 1

Comparison of three MEG scans during clinical treatment

MEG scan timesDay 2—baselineDay 2—after ingestion of zolpidem 30 mgDay 15—after 2 per week treatment
Treatment medicationDiazepam 10 mg four times per dayDiazepam 5 mg/night, mirtazapine 15 mg/night, bupropion 150 mg twice per day
SDS scores656571
SAS scores434346
CIWA-B scores231313
Symptom statusWithdrawal symptomsHappy, relaxed, no tremorNo withdrawal symptoms
  • CIWA-B, Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment-Benzodiazepines; MEG, magnetoencephalography; SAS, Zung Self-Rating Anxiety Scale; SDS, Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale.