Table 1

Selected case reports of middle fossa arachnoid cysts in patients with neuropsychiatric presentations

Author (year)Patient profileCysts locationPsychiatric symptomsOther symptomsOutcomeProposed pathophysiological mechanism
SexAgeNeurosurgeryImprovement (treatment)
Wahl et al (2019)2Male66Whole fossaCognitive
NoAlzheimer disease
Mironov et al (2014)3Female38Left temporalPsychosis insomniaNoRemission (antipsychotics)
Baquero et al (2014)4Male37Right hemisphereAnhedonia/ anxietyEpisode of involuntary movement of left arm at age 14EndoscopicRemission (escitalopram, quetiapine, mirtazapine, benzodiazepines; no improvement prior to surgery)
Vakis et al (2006)10Female28Left temporalInsomnia/ anxietyHeadachesShuntRemission (shunt and reduced antipsychotics)Raised intracranial pressure
da Silva et al (2007)11Male21Left sylvian fissureAggressionNoPartial remission (antipsychotics)Mass effect